Popular myths concerning Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the natural substances that is eagerly used by many women as their daily helper of hair condition improving action. What is crucial, avocado oil works fine not only for fortifying strands but also for pampering complexion and body skin. In general, this green fruit is a real beauty guardian. Unfortunately, people who heard some false information about avocado often underestimate its beneficial working. But how to tell apart wrong info from the truth? What are the common myths about avocado oil?

[MYTH] Avocado oil is rich in proteins.

Proteins, carbohydrates and many other substances are removed from the fruit during avocado oil pressing process. In short, oil is a vegetable fat which contains natural nourishing substances. Unfortunately, avocado oil includes definitely less of the precious elements then a fresh fruit. It is also worth pointing out that some producers include on pure avocado oils’ labels information concerning nutrition data, where it can be noticed that protein content is as low as zero.

[MYTH] Avocado oil is rich in Omega acids.

Cold pressed avocado oil contains plenty of nourishing substances, however, it impossible to avoid losing some of them during the very process. Obviously, pure avocado oil includes some amounts of Omega-3 acids (i.e. alpha linolenic acid). Nevertheless, there are other oils where the concentration of the precious Omega acids is much higher (i.e. linseed oil or fish oil). It is worth mentioning, avocado oil contains high concentration of mono-saturated fatty acids, which remain absolutely crucial for hair health.

[MYTH] Avocado oil contains highly concentrated mixture of seven vitamins.

Avocado oil is also known as 7 Vitamin Oil because of including A, B, E, H, K, PP and F vitamins. Unfortunately, this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, all of the vitamins can be found in avocado yet only if the fruit is fresh. They become almost completely burned up during oil pressing process (even during cold pressing). To sum up, avocado oil contains 7 vitamins but in a definitely lower concentration than a fresh fruit does.

[MYTH] Avocado oil takes care of hair only from the outside.

Avocado oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit is one of a few oils that can be used for cooking. For that reason, avocado can be consumed in order to help body with getting beautiful, also form the inside.

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