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TOP 5. The Best Hair Care Cosmetics with Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil Persea Gratissima Oil

Avocado oil is irreplaceable in hair care. Green, well-known fruit is one of the richest foods, and its kernels and pulp are used to extract oil, which is true vitamin bomb for hair and skin. Avocado oil – besides precious vitamins (C, D, E, H, K, PP and vitamins in B group) – contains various minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc) and essential fatty acids, mostly monounsaturated fatty acids omega-9. All that makes it one of the most precious oils, frequently used in hair care cosmetics. Thanks to it, strands gain proper hydration level, ends are split no more, hair stop break and do not fall out. Avocado oil will make hair gain gloss and elasticity, and its cuticles will be sealed.

Check out, what are the best available cosmetics with avocado oil.

1. Nanoil for High Porosity Hair

Nanoil for High Porosity HairCAPACITY: 100 ml [very efficient]

CHARACTERISTIC: Undoubtedly Nanoil hair oil is the best hair care cosmetic. It quickly became iconic. It is versatile. Delights from the very first moment you lay eyes on it due to designer bottle like no other. However, the authentic respect for this product comes not from the external appearance, but what’s inside. Nanoil holds many, high-quality natural oils, including avocado oil. Thanks to it, Nanoil can beautify your hair (from the very first application), but also genuinely regenerate and repair deficits in hair structure. The avocado oil contained in Nanoil hair oil delivers extremely damaged and dry strands with vitamins and trace elements they require for healthy growth. Nanoil hair oil used on a regular basis will strengthen hair bulbs and strands on the entire length, but also prevent hair loss, speed up hair growth and make hair denser. Avocado oil is a perfect complementation for natural oils in the composition, where are also: almond oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, passion fruit oil and cottonseed oil. The composition of the prestigious oils are complemented by the high-quality conditioning substances, which regenerate and beautify hair: keratin, panthenol, UV filter, silk, lanolin and two precious and nowhere else to be found components that strengthen hair and make it denser (baicapil and kerastim).

APPLICATION: Nanoil for high porosity hair is placed on the top for a good reason. Beside correctly chosen oil for the given porosity, Nanoil delights with countless application possibilities. Its versatility makes it capable of replacing many hair cosmetics. It can be used as a scalp and hair mask, balm or as an addition to conditioner, you will forget about ampoules, can use it for heat protection and as a serum for damaged or frizzy hair ends. Apply it on wet or dry hair (even several times a day). The tasteful and failure-free pump will precisely administer the dosage. Congratulations, Nanoil!

for more information about Nanoil hair oil, please visit nanoil.us

2. Kerastase AURA BOTANICA bi-phase oil mist for hair

kerastase-aura-botanica-bi-phase-oil-mist-for-hairCAPACITY: 100 ml [average efficiency]

CHARACTERISTIC: Kerastase Aura Botanica is a light hair mist containing avocado oil. Company praises on the fact that they managed to develop cosmetic in 99% made of natural components. However, Kerastase mist is not suitable for application on the scalp. It is recommended for normal and sensitive hair: perfectly nourishes, disciplines and moisturizes matte hair with no weighting down effect. Kerastase Aura Botanica is a bi-phase product where you can explicitly observe water phase (lighter) and a heavier layer made of 4 oils: jojoba, avocado, coconut, and argan. Its primary task is to prevent frizzy hair and facilitate stylisation. Kerastase hair mist provides hair with soft gloss and extracts beautiful highlights. It provides long-lasting moisture and heat protection. Cosmetic smells nice (mostly due to essential sweet orange oil) and has beautiful, glass bottle.

APPLICATION: bi-phase hair oil in Aura Botanica line has spray form; you can apply it on dry and damp hair ends right after hair wash. Also, you can use hair mist numerous times a day – always when you feel like your hair needs it.

3. Alterna Kendi Oil Ultimate Frizz Control

alterna-kendi-oil-ultimate-frizz-controlCAPACITY: 50 ml [inefficient]

CHARACTERISTIC: Alterna Kendi Oil’s bottle is small and made of thick and resistant plastic in beautiful colors (shades of brown and beige) and was equipped in a pipette for easier dosage. Hair oil has a nice and fresh scent and in its composition has various natural oils (buriti oil, wheat germ oil, grape seeds oil, kukui oil, olive oil, avocado oil and passion fruit oil). All the oils in this product strengthen and regenerate hair. However, you should be careful and not apply too much of the cosmetic (Alterna Kendi Oil can weigh hair down). Thanks to natural oils product contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It will take care of proper hair hydration and prevent frizzy hair and fly-aways. Its action was enhanced by bamboo shoots extract and Aloe extract. Those ingredients are responsible for hair structure renewal and regeneration. Unfortunately, Alterna Kendi Oil is not suitable for the scalp oiling, so it will not regenerate hair bulbs.

APPLICATION: Alterna Kendi Oil hair oil can be used as a hair mask (apply before hair wash for about 10 minutes) or use it as a disciplining serum applied on damp, already washed hair.

4. Biovax Bamboo & Avocado Regenerating Hair Oil

biovax-bamboo-avocado-regenerating-hair-oilCAPACITY: 50 ml [inefficient]

CHARACTERISTIC: Biovax Bamboo & Avocado hair oil is recommended for damaged and weak hair, devoid of gloss and its beautiful appearance. Hair oil contains young bamboo shoots extract for hair strengthening and to make it more immune to all sorts of damage. It is rich in flavonoids, which block free radicals and inhibit aging processes in hair. Bamboo shoots extract takes care of hair color while precious avocado oil due to fatty acids omega-9 and omega-3 and vitamins restores intercellular lumber in hair, strengthening its fiber. Avocado oil will also take care of proper hydration level in hair.

APPLICATION: Biovax Bamboo & Avocado should be most of all used on damp hair after hair wash. To enhance gloss and improve hair appearance you can use it also on dry strands.

5. John Master Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

john-master-organics-lavender-avocado-intensive-conditionerCAPACITY: 473 ml [efficient]

CHARACTERISTIC: John Master Organics Lavender & Avocado is a hair conditioner in a large aesthetic white plastic bottle. The bottle holds high-quality components to provide deep moisture and to regenerate and nourish hair. Hair conditioner with avocado oil, lavender oil, and shea butter create the composition that restores vitality. Avocado oil delivers hair with numerous precious vitamins so that strands grow healthy and vigorous. Cosmetic will also take care of water-lipid barrier of hair and scalp. Lavender oil enriched with various essential oils with subtle fragrance makes John Masters Organics smell great. Hair conditioner causes no weighting down and is calming for dry and damaged strands after permanent wave or frequent colourisation.

APPLICATION: Avocado oil regenerates and strengthens hair, so depending on how badly the strands are damaged, John Master Organics can always be used after shampooing, or once a week – as an intense weekly treatment for damaged, weak and devoid of vitality hair.